Certified COPY of ID Book (not book)
3 Month's Bank Statements
Proof of Residence
TEMPORARY Driver's License (6 months) (not card)
Trade Test Certificates
Birth Certificates
Death Certificates
Marriage Certificates
Vehicle Licence Discs
Matric Certificates
N1, N2, N3, N4
3 Month's Payslips
Affidavits * NEW

Matric certificates, diplomas, degrees, temporary drivers licences, awards, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, temporary IDs, and much more...

...made within 24 hours and delivered to you privately. Our products are extremely realistic and professional. FakeMatricAndCertificate.com has been in business since 2010 and we are South Africa's safest and most reliable fake certificate online store, we guarantee you the best results always!

NEW!! -> You can pay in FULL or Deposit & Balance
NEW!! -> C.V, Comsec, Fitness, Medical, SACE, I.D, Drivers Licence

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Welcome to FakeMatricAndCertificate.com,

We choose honesty over deception. If we can't print the product you ordered, we'll notify you. Please note that all the different products and items sold by us are meant to be used as novelty items and not for any illegal purposes.

Why Choose FakeMatricAndCertificate.com?

- We have been in business since 2010! That's longer than anyone else in our industry in South Africa.
- Our products look so real that it will fool ANYONE!
- We allow you to view a free sample before you order.
- After you order we can email you a "proof" of what your product will look like so you can make sure it is to your satisfaction - No-one else in South Africa does this!
- You can track your package's delivery and know when it will be delivered.
- We guarantee our products and services and you will get what you order in a timely manner and with the highest quality! - We work hard for you, the client, to deliver the absolute best product that you can find.

How Does This Work?

Step 1 See our sample products and prices on the left side of this page.
Step 2 Place an order by filling in the form below.
Step 3 I email you a sample which you check for errors before paying.
Step 4 You pay using PEP, SPAR, iMali, Bitcoin or e-Wallet where you will create a pin number and receive a till slip.
Step 5 If not e-Wallet or iMali, you email this pin number and a picture of the till slip as proof of payment.
Step 6 I post the document to you and email you the tracking number so you can trace it.

To make fake diplomas and fake certificates, we replicate actual school and university designs with your name, the name of the school, graduation date, degree and other details. There are very slight differences to prevent legal action but these are hardly noticable. Please note that all the different products and items sold by us are meant to be used as novelty items and not for any illegal purposes. (The words 'sample', 'fake' or 'phony' do not appear on the finished product)

How to Pay?

Option 1 - PEP Stores (money transfer):
1. Go to a PEP store with your South African ID Book or ID card, cell phone number and an extra R10 (transaction fee)
2. Tell the cashier you want to do a Money Transfer my cell number and give them the money and choose a 4-digit Pin Number.
3. The cashier will give you a receipt for the transaction with a 10-digit withdrawal number on it.
4. Take a picture of the receipt and email it to me, PLUS the 4-digit Pin Number.

Option 2 - SPAR (money transfer):
1. Go to Money Transfer tills at SPAR stores nationwide.
2. Bring the money you want to send, your ID, and the R9,95 transaction fee. Send to my cell number
3. Enter your secret 4-digit PIN number using the keypad at the till.
4. EMAIL the secret 4-digit PIN and a picture of the voucher to the person receiving the money.

Option 3 - FNB (e-Wallet):
1. Login to FNB Banking
2. Select 'Send Money'
3. Select 'Send Money to e-Wallet'
4. Take a PICTURE of the receipt and EMAIL it to me.
5. Select the account you want to send money from. 6. Enter the amount and cell phone you want to send to (my cell number)
7. Select 'Send’ and confirm.

Option 4 - NEDBANK (iMali):
1. Login to NEDBANK Banking
2. Select 'Money Transfers' or 'Transfer'
3. Select 'Nedbank Send-iMali’ then choose ’Pay Now’ or ‘Submit’
4. Take a PICTURE of the receipt and EMAIL it to me.
5. Select option to send money to ‘Other Number’
6. Select the account you want to send money from. 7. Enter the amount and cell phone you want to send to (my cell number)
8. Select 'Send’ and confirm.

Option 5 - Bitcoin:
1. You must have a Bitcoin wallet (similar to a bank account)
2. Select 'Pay using Bitcoin' or ‘Pay with Bitcoin’
3. Enter the amount and the Bitcoin Address you want to send to.
4. Select 'Send’ or 'Next’ and confirm.
5. Take a PICTURE of the receipt and EMAIL it to me.

(REGISTERED Certificates can be found HERE )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you use real signatures?
We won't reproduce original administrators' signatures or print their names. Instead, we keep the original "titles" and substitute a house-design realistic signature. Signature forgery is a crime. We won't do it under any circumstance.

What do you and don't you guarantee?
- We guarantee that you will receive the product you have paid for as we cannot afford bad business.
- We guarantee that there will be no spelling errors.
- We guarantee that your product will be smudge-free and received without damage.
- We CAN'T guarantee that the product will accomplish what you want it to accomplish. Everyone has their own reasons for buying a fake diploma - how you "use" it is up to you.
- We CAN'T guarantee that the product is EXACTLY the same as the original - we do our best to make a high quality product, with a quick turnaround for a reasonable price. Real school diplomas cost thousands of rands, take months to receive and cannot be ordered over the internet. Please understand the nature of this novelty product. Please closely review our samples to see just how "real" they look BEFORE purchasing.

How long will it take?
Once proof of payment is received, the document is posted it to you which usually takes around 3 to 5 days depending on your area and unless you have specified and paid for a faster shipping option.

Will it say "SAMPLE" or "Fake Certificate"?
No. Nothing on your fake diploma or certificate. Only our website samples show "Fake" or "Sample" so they can't be ripped off by competitors.

Are fake diplomas illegal?
- We make fake diplomas and fake certificates for novelty use only. If you intend to use them in any other way you could be stepping over legal boundaries.
- We NEVER use copy written seals or emblems owned by actual schools or universities - even though our design may look similar.
- We NEVER forge any real person's name - we use a selection of in-house names that look like real signatures.
- We NEVER make fake diplomas representing nursing, medical, mental-health, dental, legal, law enforcement, aviation, military or government certification or public safety professions.

Will my fake diploma look real?
At FakeMatricAndCertificate.com our diplomas and certificates look very realistic. Just show it to someone and you will see!

(REGISTERED Certificates can be found HERE )


*NOTICE* - Anyone caught copying our website, or using our trademarked/copyrighted text and/or images without permission will be reported to their billing company, their hosting company, and any other related companies for account closure. We will also follow up with a copyright infringement lawsuit in accordance with The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

*DISCLAIMER* - All our certificates look genuine but they are FAKE. They are to be used for novelty purposes only such as tricking your friends and NOT for fraudulent purposes. We are NOT responsible for any fraudulent activities you may use them for as they are sold as fakes and you are hereby informed that they are fakes).

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